Say Goodbye To Bone-on-Bone Knee Osteoarthritis (OA)

By Christine Amanpur | June 22, 2022 | 11:11 am EDT

Are you suffering from unbearable knee pain? Do you have a hard time just walking down the stairs in the morning? Does every step feel like your knee is going to fail you?

Don’t reach for medications or painful surgeries just yet! A group of Harvard Medical Students developed - Dr.HealthyKnee™ combining 3 New Breakthrough Technologies.

Here is why they are so effective.

To understand why these New Technologies are so effective we need to understand your knee issues better.

The slippery tissue that cushions your joints and allows you to move without friction is called cartilage. The lack of cartilage is where your “crunching” knee pain and arthritis originate from.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. It worsens over time. It’s caused by older age, obesity, past injuries, constant stress on the joint, even genetics…

Simple daily movements become so difficult that Osteoarthritis even causes depression.

Current solutions are painkillers, expensive massage therapists, or, even worse, surgeries.

All of these solutions don’t fix the real issue - the insufficient amount of cartilage that cushions and protects your bones from each other.

How does this Knee Massager created by a Group Of Harvard Medical Students achieve breakthrough results where all other methods fail?

The 3 New Science-backed Technologies responsible for the remarkable Success in reversing Osteoarthritis.

The Secret behind the success stories of Dr.HealthyKnee™  is the combination of all 3 scientific discoveries. Applied in One Device they lubricate the knee joint and replenish the joint fluid. This eliminates knee pain. Enhanced Blood Circulation in the meniscus area significantly targets and reduces stiffness.

Combination of These 3 Cutting Edge Technologies is Key

1. Red Light Therapy

A Two Year Harvard Laboratory Study on Osteoarthritis patients has shown that red light therapy applied to knee tissue cells results in reduced inflammation and promotes collagen production which makes up to 60% of cartilage and thereby stimulates the growth of healthy cells.

Prices for medical-grade Red Light Therapy devices range up to $5,000 USD making them inaccessible for regular Osteoarthritis patients.

Harvard Medical Students developed and patented unique Deep Tissue RED LED™ for this knee massager. In independent tests, this new Technology of the LED bulbs in the Dr.HealthyKnee™   massager showed better results than all older medical-grade Red Light Therapy devices. 

2. Deep Heat Therapy™

A special wavelength heat therapy that is able to target the critical parts at the deepest point of the knee and improves blood circulation where it generated the injured knee tissue that needs it the most. Blood vessels expand. This allows more blood, oxygen, and nutrients to flow to the recovering parts of the knee. Harvard Studies have shown that targeted Deep Heat Therapy™ (patented) in this Device soothes and heals damaged tissues up to 2 more effectively than common heat therapy.

3. Trigger Point Massage Technology™

A trigger point is a sensitive knot found within a muscle and occurs for a number of reasons including injury, surgery, or basic stress and strain. Trigger points cause soreness and pain.

Dr.HealthyKnee™  targets the exact areas where these Trigger Points in the knee occur. Harvard Medical Students have proven that targeting Trigger Points directly produces dramatically improved results in patients with knee pain compared to common knee massage techniques.

So, can this device help you?

Can you imagine what it will feel like to live without knee pain again? Being able to get up and go down the stairs without having to yank yourself up by the handrail?

New patented medical technology can achieve results not even possible 2 years ago. An active and pain-free life for Knee Pain Patients is now a possibility. A choice!

It’s Time To Say Goodbye To knee pain.

Say Hello To  Dr.HealthyKnee™!

Dr.HealthyKnee™ combines 3 New Science-backed Technologies responsible for the remarkable results in reversing Osteoarthritis.

  • Deep Tissue RED LED™ Light Therapy

  • Deep Heat Therapy™

  • Trigger Point Massage Technology™

The Dr.HealthyKnee Massager is a Harvard Designed Medical device made from the highest-grade materials for professional use, but affordable for anyone serious about the best treatment and technology available.

By now you might be asking “Why have I not heard about this before?! This sounds too good to be true!”

Well, you are right. New technologies that move the possibilities of treating Knee Pain are not too common. Harvard Medical Students have made all these technologies available. The Dr.HealthyKnee™ Massager is designed to help as many patients with knee pain as possible with the best technology available.

The development of this device and its patented cutting-edge technologies has cost well over $2.000.000 and it can heal your knee for a fraction of that.

Dr.HealthyKnee™ is the only knee-specific device that you are ever going to need. It gives you the best of all 3 therapies.

  • Deep Tissue RED LED™ Light Therapy  for collagen production which makes up to 60% of cartilage

  • Deep Heat Therapy™ Targets and heals the damaged tissues and promotes blood circulation.

  • Trigger Point Massage Technology™ release trigger points and reduce stiffness

Dr.HealthyKnee™ fits all knees, even with significant swelling. 

Easily adjust the heating and massage levels to your needs.

The Dr.HealthyKnee™ Combines Deep Tissue RED LED™,Deep Heat Therapy™ Light Therapy, Heat Therapy and Trigger Point Massage Technology™ To Produce Dramatic Results

  • Save Thousands Of Dollars. Not hundreds. Thousands. You won’t have to visit medical facilities and specialists as often, and you will be able to leave out all the painkillers. Not mentioning surgeries and all the uncovered medical bills associated with it.

  • Relief from knee pain, osteoarthritis, bursitis, meniscus, and tendonitis issues.

  • Improved mental health because you can regain mobility which allows you to exercise regularly again, without pain!

  • ​Better Sleep.

  • Long-lasting relief from pain with regular use.

  • Avoiding knee surgery.

  • Faster recovery from surgery.

  • Faster recovery from exercise.

Knee Pain Free Movement Is The Dr.HealthyKnee™ Promise And Over 92,000 People Have Already Seen Life-Changing Results

Knee Pain Relief In 30 Days Or Your Money Back. No Questions Asked.

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