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Dr.ReliefBelt™ for Sciatica & Lower Back Pain
Dr.ReliefBelt™ for Sciatica & Lower Back Pain
Dr.ReliefBelt™ for Sciatica & Lower Back Pain
Dr.ReliefBelt™ for Sciatica & Lower Back Pain
Dr.ReliefBelt™ for Sciatica & Lower Back Pain
Dr.ReliefBelt™ for Sciatica & Lower Back Pain
Dr.ReliefBelt™ for Sciatica & Lower Back Pain
Dr.ReliefBelt™ for Sciatica & Lower Back Pain

Dr.ReliefBelt™ for Sciatica & Lower Back Pain

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Why are people suffering from lower back and leg pain, How did they get that way? What can they do about it?

I guess it’s my fate to suffer from Sacroiliac Joint pain” you say to yourself.

No, it’s not. Not anymore. Dear friend, you can stop poor posture from taking over your body, easily get relief from SI Joint Dysfunction, and prevent constant back pain of any kind in as little as 20 minutes a Day!

Dr.ReliefBelt™ can as much as double your mobility, and provide immediate, long term-relief against sacroiliac joint pain, low back pain, and sciatic nerve pain, guaranteed!

  • Stabilizes and corrects SI joint function
  • Can be comfortably worn everyday
  • Recommended by physical therapists and chiropractors
  • Flexible and non-slip unlike other hip belts
  • One-size-fits-all (Length: 46.5" | 118cm)

Did you know there’s a special joint located in the pelvis that’s often overlooked when it comes to treating lower back pain?

It’s called the Sacroiliac Joint (SI).

Painkillers just mask the pain and do not fix the leading cause of the pain, but medical testing shows that continuous and proper pressure in the mid-section can give immediate and long-term relief from an inflamed sacroiliac joint.

That’s why we’ve designed a wrap-around dual belt that has been specially made to compress this area and support your SI to instantly relieve stress and any instability.

Unlike many back products, this is worn below your waist so it's more effective on the affected area. This means you’ll see both instant relief and long-term benefits with continued use.

Our “dual belt” design allows you to exactly target your pain points and provide the right amount of pressure while ensuring a snug fit even when you’re doing physical activities. It’s made to be worn 24 hours a day.

Sweat Resistance: Neoprene is a strong, durable, and breathable material that means you can comfortably wear the Belt for long periods of time. What’s more, it’s lightweight and discreet so you can even wear this under your clothes.

Anti-Slip Silicone Strips: The non-slip strips keep the Dr.ReliefBelt™ in a firm position whether you’re resting on a couch, typing on your computer, sleeping on your bed or doing physical activity.

High Strength Elastic Material: Elastic material is used to provide the right amount of compression to your lower back area. The stretchable belt can be adjusted to fit any size in comfort and help maintain proper posture.

Strong Mechanical Grip: Dr.ReliefBelt™ is equipped with a strong velcro hook and loop mechanical grip to allow all day wear without getting loose. This mechanism also makes the lock easy to loosen or tighten.

What are the materials in the Dr.ReliefBelt™? Is there any Latex?

The inside of the Dr.ReliefBelt™ is made of styrene butadiene rubber (a synthetic rubber) that guarantees the belt won’t slip away and stays in place. The strips are made of silicon. The rest of the belt is made of Elastic Ribbon and Velcro.

Can the belt be worn under the clothes?

The Dr.ReliefBelt™ can be worn under the clothes or above the clothes. It’s ideal to be worn with any workout clothes too.

How tight should I wear the Dr.ReliefBelt™?

You need to tighten the Dr.ReliefBelt™ so it feels firm but comfortable compression. If you have more pain you can tighten it further.

Can you wear the Dr.ReliefBelt™ while pregnant?

Yes, the Dr.ReliefBelt™ has been designed to give support during pregnancy too. Many women have found relief from their sciatic and SI joint pain during and after pregnancy. Using the Dr.ReliefBelt™ can prevent SI joint pain due to loosened pelvic joints.der.

Can you wear the Dr.ReliefBelt™ while sleeping?

Yes, you can definitely sleep in the Dr.ReliefBelt™ to give your hips that extra support and relieve any pain that can prevent you from having a good night of sleep.

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